New Member need help with where to begin

New Member need help with where to beginNew Member need help with where to begin
Maximccv asked 4 years ago

Hello All,


I am eager to begin the journey to amazing credit. Ill give some background about me current status, please give me feedback for where to start. I’ve been reading about starting by sending letters. What type of letters should I send and what type of additional information should i send? I believe everything reported is accurate, however I’m willing to do just about anything to get back on track. Please help and do not abbreviate as I am not familiar with the “lingo” Thank you


Fico score: 539


Active Collections(open): 7 total (6medical, 1car insurance) Range: $ 109-$ 980)


Accounts closed: 19 total (15 student loan good standing transferred, 1utility C/O, 3 auto loan same loan appears 3x due to sold/transferred + 4 late pymts marked)


Accounts open: 22 total ( 21 student loans in good standing no missed payments, 1bank account C/O deposit related)


Hard credit inquiries: 6 total Range: Aug 2013 – May 2015


This is everything reported on my report according to credit karma please help!



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