need sallie mae fix info

need sallie mae fix info
asked 3 years ago

ok, I have set up an “income based” payment plan to defer my student loan debt, which is 23k. i’m trying to get back into college and another loan/grant of course, by aug 20 of 2015. if not, I am pretty sure that I can do so for Jan of 2016. I have one very old loan, $ 1300 in default, but I”m making small payments on it to rehab it and keep it out of collections. I will have to pay it off in full (I think) in order to get back into class, but I can’t do that right now. 


My ex wife had a car loan in my name, while I was in prison. I had nothing to do with it, and it’s been  written off for several years. Can I clear that up?  I have no credit cards, the only other debts are $ 600 that I owe VA. They are seizing my little disability check  $ 130  per month, to pay that off. i”ll have to pay that off in full, most likely, to qualify for sallie mae?  the other debt is a $ 600 one, by some outfit who is trying to collect on a $ 200 smart phone that I bought, 4 years ago. I can probably negotiate that down to $ 300 and clear it up, if need be, advantageous?


 What bothers sallie may the most?  If I can’t fix their objection to my credit,  theres no point in fixing any of it (for now, at least)  I owe the college (NOT the feds) 7k and they are charging me 18% on it!  So I need to get the sallie mae loan to pay off the school, so that I can get another loan/grant and continue my education. i”m 62 and on SS retirmement pension of $ 600 per month.  that’s all the income that I have, but I might get an increase in VA disability rating, by xmas or so. i live in public housing, very cheaply and I get anotther  $ 250 per month from sellling plasma, but that is not establishable/guaranteed income.  I live on it, but my fiance, in Phills, needs the rest of my income for her schoolong and living expenses. So there’s really no discretionary income at all.  Once I get her here, and she starts working as a nurse, things will be fixed, but that can take a year or more.  Thanks!


i apparently ‘have” a shell card, 0 balance, 0 lates, which my ex got and has never used. Is it to my advantage to get a card actually issued to me and use it, establishing a “credit line’?

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