Need advise – delta amex gold vs reserve in my case

Need advise – delta amex gold vs reserve in my caseNeed advise – delta amex gold vs reserve in my case
Korot.Ira asked 5 years ago

So, I travel a lot. To the tune of reaching Diamond status by August each year without any help or push from cards.

As a diamond I get all the benefits that I would get from the reserve card alone as far as sky club access and baggage fees, etc… I fly on paid expenses, I don’t mind paying for my wife’s instead of using one companion ticket a year.

I recently got the delta gold, which I now use only to buy airline tickets. Here goes the questions:

1. I logged in last night and had offers to upgrade to either one of the platinum and/or reserve delta cards. Don’t I have to wait 13 months to upgrade due to af difference? I assure you, it was not a “apply” button, it was a “upgrade now” blue button.

2. Does it make sense to even upgrade to any of the cards branded by delta over the Gold since I already carry Diamond status?

3. Would it benefit me more to upgrade my prg to platinum (not delta) instead after the 13 months? I don’t want to apply for anything else, just plain sp upgrades if that at all. I believe the prg has more rewards than gold and I won’t benefit much from the platinum benefits as far as traveling goes.

Thanks for your input, greatly appreciated.

Alia Gonzalez replied 5 years ago


Tammy Hall replied 5 years ago

Is it possible to apply a credit limit for each credit card?
I do not see this feature.

Steve Wagner replied 5 years ago

Your videos are hands down best I have found. In this video you say you’ll
have how to set up multiple cards later, but I was unable to locate. Any
information available. Thanks!

Joanne DelBalso replied 5 years ago

you need to make sure that you start with the correct beginning balance for
the card.. so if you pay off your card in full each month that would be
easier. if that is the case, then yes next statement, use this method.

Grumpy Vet replied 5 years ago

What if there was an opening balance?

lazyreviewzzz replied 5 years ago

Thank you so freaking much! We may know how to film and edit our own
videos, post to Viddler, YouTube, and fly through WordPress like jetliners,
but Quickbooks? Not so much. Thanks again! This is exactly what we’ve been
trying to figure out!

howtolearncrap replied 5 years ago

good lord, thanks

Joanne DelBalso replied 5 years ago

This is an older video, but I do have a quickbooks play list on my youtube
channel. 2 of the videos I still want to do are “how to reconcile your
credit card account” and also “How to set up default accounts for your
vendors/payees . If you have subscribed you will get notifications when new
videos are posted!! Of course more quickbooks how to’s will be uploaded
also. if you have a specific problem, let me know I can do a video.

Clyde D replied 5 years ago

Awesome Awesome thank you soooooooooooo much

Charles Kellett replied 5 years ago

Thanks for this

Brad Moore replied 5 years ago

Thanks for the info! Would if we have not been doing it this way but rather
running it through the expenses side? Would I just want to start doing it
right from this day forward?

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