My Journey

My Journey
asked 2 years ago

I have actively been on my journey to repair my credit for the past month. It’s been a great way to put my OCD tendencies to productive use lol. I began using Credit Karma initially just to get an idea of where I stood with my accounts. I took the scores with a grain of salt, but the free reports was great. Then I found this forum and I’ve become obsessed with all the great knowledge everyone has, and it’s an absolute godsend with all the answers to the many questions that have popped up for me. I was also able to sign up at CCT to get my FICO8 scores which currently stand at- Equifax 524, Experian 553 Transunion 536. Just months ago I would have been completely ashamed to put those numbers out there for everyone to see, but this forum has given me the courage to face it and put my efforts to remedying them. When they start to rise the satisfaction will be the biggest benefit. The content of my reports:


Experian: 5 lates (plan is to GW these), 2 collections ( 1 paid-before I was aware of PFD, 1 $ 832, sent DV on this one to start) 7 inquiries (5 fall off next year)


Equifax: 10 lates (yikes) 4 collections (2 same as above, plus 2 more both paid/1 of which the OC said they would recall from CA) 9 inquiries (6 fall off next year)


Transunion: 5 lates, 2 collections (same 2 as Experian), 6 inquiries (4 fall off next year)


My plan off attack is to first pay off any collection items remaining with a balance. Including 2 charged off cards (CapOne & FirstPremier before they are assigned to a CA), then work on GW letters to clear the lates. After the collections are done i’ll work on getting a few secured cards to improve my revolving credit lines. I already have current student loans for the installment aspect. Any suggestions on approach is greatly appreciated.


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