Mixed Bag on EE today

Mixed Bag on EE today
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So after reading up on EE today I decided to try my hand at the two accounts I have set to fall off this year:

Verizon Wireless (paid collection)  – set to fall off in April

Capital One (paid charge off) – set to fall off in September


I called EX first and spoke with the first CSR that answered the line. He told me the earliest he could do an EE on the Cap1 would be in June and that the Verizon Wireless had already fallen off. (It was showing as a negative account on my 1/18 3B report). I will confirm that it’s fallen off on my 4/18 3B report. So a mixed bag of success here.


I called TU next and the first CSR I spoke with outright told me that he couldn’t do it and that it wasn’t allowed, yadda yadda and I requested to speak to his supervisor. The supervisor I spoke with was extremely helpful and removed both on the spot and stated that I should receive updated information in the next 5 business days.


Feeling slightly giddy I made the mistake of calling EQ. Smiley LOL I tried a few different numbers and was ultimately told that their CS team is only open from 9-5 EST. Seriously??? So my plan is to call them on my lunch break and probably sit on hold for 59 minutes only to be told that they can’t remove any of them yet because they only do it a month in advance.  lol 


Ultimately I’m happy that I’ve made some progress getting derogatory remarks removed. Up next is GW letters for Medical Collections and one to Synchrony/JC Penneys for a 30-day late back in 2013. 



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