IRS is on a rampage, it seems.

IRS is on a rampage, it seems.
asked 2 years ago

So, I owe taxes from 2013 that I’ve had set up on an installment plan and *thought* I had been paying on time every month. Seems some of that money went to 2014 taxes, though, because I clicked something wrong online somewhere when making a few of the payments. Anyway, I got it sorted out, and have been making payments. My 2014 taxes had roughly a $ 500 refund, plus, I guess, whatever money I inadvertantly paid toward it. They still haven’t applied any of that to 2013 balance owed (or sent it to me, of course). 


Anyway, the other day I got the dreaded IRS letter lettting me know I actually owe another $ 2000 for 2013 because of written off bad debt or something. Ok. Great. I figure I’ll call and have it added to the payment plan, if I can, and just pay on this for the rest of my life maybe. Then today, my wife got a letter from the IRS saying she owes another $ 550 for 2012. We weren’t married at the time (we couldn’t be. It still wasn’t legal, at least on a federal level), so I don’t even know if they’ll let her add that to our payment plan or set one up for her separately or what. 


So, what gives? Are they auditing us and we just don’t know it? I’m kind of scared to check the mail now, thinking maybe I’ll find out I actually owe the IRS even more money for something else. Has anyone had this happen?

Obviously, I’d like to avoid a tax lien, but I can’t pay all of this without a payment plan, so I’m really not sure what to do at this point. 

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