How Should We Handle These Charge Offs?

How Should We Handle These Charge Offs?
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Hello everyone.  We are ready to start dealing with the issues on my husband’s reports.  Looking for advice before we get letter happy and mess something up. Smiley Happy


Current Scores:  

EQ: 631

TU: 641

EX: 636


** Scores should see a bump as soon as C1 reports $ 0 balance on QS MC. We were not paying attention to balances on reporting dates.  TG for this forum to enlighten us on that important piece of information.**



Charge offf  $ 249

Balance       $ 0

DoFD          8/2012

Paid charge off, Account closed by credit grantor.


Credit One

Charge Off  $ 476

Balance      $ 0

DoFD          1/2014

Transfer/Sold  Charged Off Account



Charge off   $ 557

Balance       $ 857

DoFD          3/2014

Charged Off Account.  Account Closed by credit grantor.


Bank of America

Current, paid, paying as agreed

Balance     $ 0

Closed:  4/2011

Paid:  9/2011

Last Update: 10/2012

This was a delinquent account at one time.  We reached an agreement with BOA for pmt and positive report on credit bureaus.

However…still reporting as 90 days late 8-10/2009.  


So how would you guys handle these items?  My biggest concern is Barclay as it is still reporting a balance. The account was sold a couple different times and ended up in Barclay’s lap.  We never got statements and honestly, thought we had PIF.  


Looking forward to your advice.  Thanks in Advance!



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