Financing a major product purchase through retailer ($3200 camera)

Financing a major product purchase through retailer ($3200 camera)
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I wasn’t sure where to post this so I figured general credit topics was as good of a place as any (almost went for the credit cards section)  I am looking at purchasing a new camera and the body is $ 3200 which is a decent chunk of change, I’d also need lenses but for the sake of approval am thinking of only financing the body but have no idea when this may actually become feasible.

What would you figure is the minimum FICO score required to get approved for store financing of a $ 3200+ purchase? I am confident I am not there yet (low 600’s) but was wondering if maybe 650 there would start being hope for something like this? 660? higher?

I know full well that if I was to go apply for say, a Best Buy card I’d probably get stuck with a $ 300 limit yet I hear of people with less than amazing credit financing large purchases from stores like Best Buy… do they consider higher lines of credit when you’re specifically applying to finance an actual product at the time instead of just giving you a tiny starting limit?  Reason I ask is that my fiance was able to finance a $ 1600 purchase from a store last year and her credit was low 600’s at best but if she were trying to apply for a credit card she couldn’t even get approved for a $ 300 limit around the same time.

Do retailers relax on requirements in order to sell something?

I’m trying to figure out how I’d apply for financing a product online without actually just applying for the store card alone.


Minimum score for $ 3500 financing through a store (like Best Buy for example)
Are initial credit lines higher when applying specifically to make a major purchase over just applying for the card alone?
How the hell did my fiance do it but couldn’t get approved for a CreditOne bank card? lol

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