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FICO Score ProjectionFICO Score Projection
Melvinmon asked 4 years ago

First wanted to say thank you  :smileyhappy: to the people who post on these forums.  About 2 years ago I started on my journey with a 589 and am well on my way to what I hope is north of 700.  I would not have been able to get there without the adivce I found here.  


For the last year I have been working on an OIC and repayment of State taxes.  From these 2 agencies I had 3 liens placed on my report.The liens were for $ 50k, $ 6k and $ 2k.  All 3 of these liens should be cleared in the next 60-90 days and updated to my report as I am in the final stages of my OIC and only have a couple hundred remaining to pay in back state taxes that is tied to two liens.  


Beyond this, I opened up 6 credit cards and had a secured card recently converted to unsecured.  By November, 5 of these cards will be over a year.  But I did get into some debt as going into this month I had $ 13,500 on my balances but I never missed a payment and often paid 2x to 3x the minimum.  Just this week cleared $ 12,500 of my credit debt.  While be able to pay the full amount one of my cards has a 0.00% APR that expires in December of this year.  I’ll have that paid off in full well before the APR kicks in but right now used that money to pay off my tax stuff.  


That said, my current scores are:

Equifax – 633

TransUnion – 636

Experian – 642


At various points over the last 2 years these scores got as high as 690 and I think most of the decline was due to my debt.  The Fico similator suggested that if I paid down by balances on the card over 24 months my score would have gone to 727.  If I cleared the balances it would go to 697.  I am assuming this factored in my liens.  



So does anyone know how much movement clearing 3 liens off my record could have?  When they are gone I will have no collections and no public records on my report.  Is it realistic for me to think 720 is within reach by the end of the year if I keep on course?  









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