Double ding for new CSP?

Double ding for new CSP?
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Just got approved for CSP and got a 3pt hit for the inquiry and then a 5pt hit for the account. Is this normal?
WTHR_The Risk inside your credit card

sjolander replied 2 years ago

You see? tinfoil hats can be useful!

Bill Griffith replied 2 years ago

You really need to watch this video on RFID chips in credit cards. It is
possible to scan a persons credit card information when it is still in
their pocket and then making a clone credit card with the stolen
information. Watch the video and find out how.

Tommy Le replied 2 years ago

Can than nhieu hon nua khi chung ta dung the tin dung moi ngay…

Eva Jordan-Johnson replied 2 years ago

Are your credit cards at risk? #traveltip 

Melvin Matos replied 2 years ago

The Risk inside your credit card

Timo Yannopoulos replied 2 years ago

How stupid are those guys that implement such technologies in our pockets
without our approvals. This must be considered as crime, not?

bevrosity replied 2 years ago

this is why i have a wallet that blocks such devices.

J. Mier replied 2 years ago

Holy cow! That adds a bit of stress.

Renee Harrington replied 2 years ago

Does your new credit or debit card have wifi? yes I said wifi… if so or
don’t know – watch this to protect your cards.

Adrian Patience replied 2 years ago

I’ve been saying that this is a risk for 3 years. I’ve made credit card
sleeves covered with tin-foil to protect my cards.
#RFID #CreditCards #ID -Theft

flexor212000 replied 2 years ago

I’ve recieved new cards and they previously had paypass. Now they don’t. I
think CC companies are doing away with it.

kpopshawol replied 2 years ago

I need to do this. lol

eLoopllc replied 2 years ago

Does your credit card have an RFID chip in it? If you answered yes or are
not sure please watch and see how easily your credit card…

Emanuel McCray replied 2 years ago

It’s here!

Kisha Smith replied 2 years ago


1) Very sophisticated system… Protect yourself, if you have not heard
this already…
2) Fosllow instructions… protect your credit cards tonight… as
explained in the video. Simple. Stuff you have in your house.
3) Go to your bank in the morning and ask them for advice.

My bank is so sensitive to fraud, that any move just one bit out of the
ordinary shuts the account and i need to call. I am grateful. Go to your
bank and check with them. Also check all your other credit cards, passport,
newer DL.

Pass it on to your friend… Let’s help each other! 

Michael Rogers replied 2 years ago


Elisa Lowenstein replied 2 years ago

*BEWARE*: Electronic pickpocketing and the target is your credit card!
One of the ways to protect your card (besides not having a RFDI chip inside
it) is to cover it with aluminum foil. That’s the simplistic Magneto
approach :D

Jeff M replied 2 years ago

Like I didn’t already have enough to worry about…

JesseKantstopolis replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the report. I called my bank (Wells Fargo) and they said they
can send me a card without the RFID chip in it.

Southbay Euro Car replied 2 years ago

Must See This

Saieash Mohanadas replied 2 years ago

You know you can get a RFID shielded wallet. I thought people knew this

Annie Law replied 2 years ago

Check your credit cards, and your debit cards for the wi fi signal

Robin Tweet replied 2 years ago

It’s best to keep them maxed out :)

mra57 replied 2 years ago

This problem was described a long time ago, before they came out.

Tom Loughlin Jr. replied 2 years ago

Who thought this stuff up? NSA?

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