Credit card question(international)

Credit card question(international)Credit card question(international)
fashion asked 4 years ago

Hello friends,


Looking for a little advice. Or help finding a card. We are looking for a 0% APR for 15mos+ or 12 if I have to(I know there is a Citi Simpliciti that is 21mos at 0% APR). With no international fee. 


I also have a few questions.


What we want to do is get a credit card and book hotels and flighs and pay for them using a credit card with 0% APR, so we can pay off our trip over time. And it would be nice to use the credit card while in the foreign country to pay for food/tickets and etc. (London/France/Italy)


1. I know I can probably use and not incur any foreign transaction fees, but I’d imagine if I book directly with the hotel even though I’m currently in the US, I’m guessing I’d still have to pay a foreign transaction fee if they are presently associated with whatever card.


2. Does anyone have any ideas about my plan or a credit card that may fit??

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