Comenity/ Synchrony AA -Please post screen shots and letters

Comenity/ Synchrony AA -Please post screen shots and letters
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Several people have posted recently stating that Comenity or Synchrony closed all of their cards or at least a number of them. See comment below from ddemari, which I believe is an excellent point.


ddemari wrote:
Op I’m sorry. All these reports of comenity close outs but no one wants to share the screen shot of the 0 available balance on the cards.


+1000. Several reports of Comenity and Synchrony closures lately, and people have asked those posting to share screen shots and closure letters-  but no one talking about Comenity or Synchrony closures has posted that. 




It would help to avoid people panicking and to help the rest of us understand the whole picture if you post that a company has taken away a lot of your cards suddenly, to include a screen shot or letter related to the closure. I’ve seen several posters requesting this to be posted, but haven’t seen anyone post it yet.


I’m really sorry that this has happened to any of the OP’s who posted. Just think it would be helpful for us to see the additional, complete information related to the post.

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