CMRE Collection agency – PFD

CMRE Collection agency – PFDCMRE Collection agency – PFD
richeventtula asked 4 years ago

Spoke to my sister who came to me for some credit advice.


She has cleaned up her credit reports and there remains one last outstanding collection on her EX report, not on her TU or EQ.


It is a medical collection for $ 334 and shows to have been late since 3/01/2013 (or at least when it was turned over to CMRE).


She has the money now to pay off, but would like it to be removed from her EX all together.


I am thinking she should contact the Hospital first and ask them to take back from the collection agency and then pay the hospital the entire bill and it would fall off her EX report, correct?


Or contact CMRE and do a PFD for the entire bill?


Her FICO score on EX is 704 and that appears to be the only thing holding her back from going higher.


Has anyone dealt with CMRE before with a PFD situation? Outcome?


Any other thoughts?



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