civil judgement for CC debt expiring soon but what to do??? Wage garnishement?

civil judgement for CC debt expiring soon but what to do??? Wage garnishement?
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

    I was served papers back in oct 2009 for a cc i never paid 5400$ , yes its expiring off my report in oct 2009 but im all of  a sudden concerned about possible wage garnishement or freezes on my checking and savings acct.   Finally got a decent job and making some good money i believe in FL where i live you cannot have wages garnished if you make less than 750 a week.  WEll last 6months just my salary is more than that  alone with decent commission checks every once and awhile.  Id like to buy a house wtih my wife in about 2yrs i am wondering what my options are with this judgement it just says filed and the court house address i never went to court it was however served to me.


   I am now getting some nice checks and started a savings connected to my checking put 1K away last month was gonna do another 1K this month but am now concerned after seeing an attorney do a soft pull from Miami who after google is a debt collection lawyer office that maybe i should keep my savings in a shoebox just incase??    I know even after this goes off my report the SOL will keep it on there and i will have to pay it i am just trying to figure out if i should try to do something before oct 2016 or let it ride out i just dont want any wage garnishment or freezes on accounts until then.  ANy advice would help, yes i didnt pay this card and i do owe this money i just dont wanna open up a can of worms and have this reset on my credit report before it falls off etc and obviously am trying to avoid any asset issues.  I would probably after this is gone off my report and before getting a mortgage try to work this out but just seeing what i should do in the meantime??

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