Chase question for my brother

Chase question for my brotherChase question for my brother
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

Since I don’t currently have any cards with Chase, I figured I’d ask to see if someone else could answer this.   My brother applied for the Chase Freedom and got the application under review message or whatever.   He received a letter today with everything in it and an approval amount of $ 5,500.  He was hoping for at least $ 10,000 (don’t we all) and wasn’t sure how good they were about increases once the card was activated.  


Would he need to wait a few months first before trying or would it be worth trying now? Would it be SP or HP? 


Currently I know his experian fico is 779 but not sure on the other 2.   I can get other info from him but thought someone could share some thoughts.  The only other Chase card that I “think” he has is a Slate that he got years ago.

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