Catch 22 Between AMEX and Experian

Catch 22 Between AMEX and ExperianCatch 22 Between AMEX and Experian
LizzieMer asked 5 years ago

I have done whatever I can to increase my score, but I simply can’t win.  I have spent literally thousands of dollars over the past 3 years, and I am 30 points lower than when I started.  NOW, I had an AMEX card Charge Off in March, 2013.  “Paid.  Charged Off”.   This year, a “fail to pay”” came up against this card on my report as of September, 2014.  That moves my latest negative up about 18 months, and my score drops.  Seems intuitive that I can’t be late on something charged off, right?  I called AMEX.  They said they hadn’t reported anything on the account since March, 2013.  Since AMEX didn’t report the later date,  they can’t act on anything they didn’t do.  Back to Experian with on-line dispute.   Denied.  Try to repeat online.  Rejected because it had been disputed and denied already.  I pay to belong to Experian, so I scoured the site and now I could talk to someone who actually talked to me and filed a dispute.  This dispute is denied, but because AMEX replied to my dispute with Experian, the “fail to pay” now appears in April, 2015!!!!!!  My score dropped 18 points and is a red flag for my current creditors, as well.  So, I called today and spoke to someone and she looked it up.  She told me that happens sometimes.  But, she added the good news is, the account will drop off in another 7 months.  I asked her, “I would have been better off to not have disputed the error?”  The said, “Yes”.   When that happens, any increase in score wll by based on the current number.   Does anyone have any idea about what I can do? . 

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