CapOne – 2 apps on a single HP… or not?

CapOne – 2 apps on a single HP… or not?CapOne – 2 apps on a single HP… or not?
NahouseOVarl asked 4 years ago

On Friday July 10th I attempted to apply for 2 Cap One cards at the same time hoping it would only generate a single pull from each bureau…


I applied for the Platinum Prestige and Quicksilver cards trying the double browser method (both were pre-approved on the website).  I was instantly approved for the Platinum Prestige and received the “We need more info – 7 to 10 days” on the Quicksilver.


The next day, CreditTracker notified me of the HP on my TU report.  So, I called CapOne to ask about the card.  Approved for $ 3,000.00 0% APR until next year and 15.9% after and no AF.  I asked the CSR about the QS app and inquired what information was needed, I would be glad to clear it up.  He informed me the details were not available yet and I may have to wait for a letter in the mail.


Here’s a good time to pause and put up some of my credit info at the time I applied.


FICO: 756EQ, 760EX, 776 TU.  CreditKarma EQ/TU 767/767. INQ: 1EQ, 3TU (All 3 from auto loan in Feb). 0EX.  Total Revolving Credit just about $ 10,500 with utilization hovering at 1%-2%.  6 accounts total (2 auto 4 revolving). Oldest account is 4 years 3 months with an AAoA at about 2 years 2 months. Successfully paid off a $ 12,000 auto lease which started in 2/2012 and ended 2/2015. No bads.


Today, I got another e-mail from CreditTracker about a change to my TU report.  Looked it up and boom, another HP from CapOne with a pull date of 7/13.  Called CSR asking why my credit was pulled again, they told me it was for the QS card.  I said but I applied 3 days ago and my credit was already pulled.  Was told they must pull credit reports each time an application is submitted, and the other app was for the Prestige card.  I was pretty annoyed on the phone, but I asked the rep if I was at least approved?


Yup.  I was approved and got the bonus $ 100 for $ 500 in 3 months, 0% APR for 9 months and 17.9% thereafter, no AF.  When I asked what the SL was, she told me $ 10,000.00 and the card would be a Visa Signature.  I almost fell out of my chair.


So, did I do the two app one hp wrong?  I’m not going to stress it.  I doubled my available revolving credit in a weekend’s worth of work.  The pulls will be gone in a year, and I won’t need any credit until my new lease is up in 2018.  Although, my oldest credit account is a CapOne secured card with a $ 650 limit and a $ 400 deposit on it.  I think it may be time to close that out.





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