Capitalone (Good will)

Capitalone (Good will)Capitalone (Good will)
PhilipWen asked 4 years ago

Anyone had an success with GW’s, with Cap 1?


I have two accounts with them (Qs1’s)  $ 2750 & $ 1500. 


The one with the highest limit has a 30 and 60 day late. This happened around 29 month’s ago. Never been late since on both accounts . 


If I recall correctly,  I missed up and thought I had setup auto-pay. But I did something wrong.  Because it was late back to back. Been working hard paying down CC debt, and cleaning up reports. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. Happy I finally got in with Discover and Barclays. Scores are in the low 600’s. 


Have 2 med Ca’s 

1 Judgement 

1 regular CA. 


Want to know about other people’s experiences, with Cap1 regarding GW’s. 


I’ve read the Eo is not what it once was. 


Thanks,  too anyone that contributes! 

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