Can I add a family friend on title at closing even if they are not on the mortgage loan or purchase contract?


I would like to add the friend because they are helping with half the down payment and will be living in the unpermitted cottage (which will help with the mortgage payment). However the loan company does not know that because he’s in between jobs and not working right now but has a lot of cash. Would I be able to add him on title at closing? If not then should I add him later? How much will that cost me? Thank you in advance.

  1. Anonymous January 19, 2011
    yes you can, in a very similar situation between me and my sister, she had the stellar credit so the loan is completely in her name alone, we split the down payment and I pay the entire mortgage payment each month . the title has both of our names on it , its a condo and I'm on the board so they recognize me as the owner. eventually i plan on paying her back her portion of the down payment!nice sister ! we have different last names so the fact that we are related has no relevance so it could be a family friend as in your situation i would imagine

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