Building credit after loosing a lot of credit and applying for new credit

Building credit after loosing a lot of credit and applying for new credit
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Back in 2012 i had a score of around 780 with an Amex BC that had $ 25k limit a Platinum Business with i belive $ 7k, Citi, Barclay, Discover and Chase with limits around $ 7k each and a Cap with $ 700 lol. I took out a business loan, bought a new car with a $ 16k finance, got a Gold Amex charge card, and used a balance transfer offer with Citi for a $ 5k payment on the car at 0% APR. Sometime after that my score plummeted and Amex dropped both cards to a grand, it was shocking to loose $ 24k on a single card.


Later i got a DFAS collection of $ 5k for overpayment and at that time i could not pay and to this date have not. As of 9/15 I have finally payed off all balance transfers and have no debt aside from the DFAS with a current score around 700 for all bureaus, during 2013 and 2014 i applied for loans and new cards and would get denied every time with the reason being too high of a util and the debt of course.


There are 2 main cards that i currently use and the rest are just to help with my util. My plan now was to ask for CLI on every card i have and at the same time apply for 5 new cards from my existing companies, sportsmans and fuel rewards, as well as from credit unions with the hopes of getting high starting limits. I want to know if that is the best approach? I was also considering getting a secured card and putting about $ 9k that i currently have in my bank account if that is also worthwhile?


On a side note, i have been trying to get in touch with the creditor for my DFAS payment to try and make a deal and request a pay for delete. Unfortunately the phone # on my credit report i call and can never reach a person as they play a recording saying they are busy and to try again. I contacted them via email and they respond every 72 hrs. I appreciate any suggestions.

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