Best Travel cards from each brand

Best Travel cards from each brandBest Travel cards from each brand
richeventtver asked 4 years ago

So, I am rebuilding my credit and when I get to the point of applying, I need to know which card to apply for. I think I would like travel rewards. Anyone and everyone please list top 2 cards from each company that would give me the best miles/points to obtain travel If you know more than two please list them in order.


First I would like to know these catagories

1)Amex (only allow 4 credit cards and unlimited charge cards) whatever that means:/

2)Chase 5/24 rule. I already think i know which two to get. I heard CSP and Freedom

3)Barclaycard (researched and said Arrival)

4)Capital one (Venture of course?)

Add to each answer:

Fico scores you think they pull i.e Eq, TU, Ex and score models 8,4,2???

Usual score you need to get the card or heard of lowest score to obtain the card.


I know capital one pulls Fico 4 for transunion on the venture app = my denial and I do not know about the other report scores but I will call and find out once my card comes in.

if you know any other Fico scores that are pulled from the other companies please list. I tried looking it up on the forum and that didn’t really show me the results I was looking for. I tried google on the top amex card and came up with my brain hurting.

Anyone that has actual experience please let me know about this. If cash or points are even greater and easier to obtain to just buy the ticket, please let me know. I want to be first class in everything for once in awhile Smiley Happy Thanks in advance for helping me set up my goals.

I know not to apply for chase at all until my credit limits are high because someone told me that they barely give CLI. 


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