Best Consolidation Strategy

Best Consolidation Strategy
asked 2 years ago

So I’m trying to slim my wallet down and vote off some of my SD cards off the island per say, 


I successfully transferred my full CL from my old Sapphire to my AARP Visa Sig. and closed it. 


I plan to do the same with my Chase Amazon, I just have to wait 30 days with it being inactive. 


Now I have two other cards that I need to close, BOA Travel Rewards & Citi TYP: 


I recently opened a BOA BBR and wanted to know if BOA will permit a Consolidation of credit from my Travel Rewards to my BBR without a HP. 


Same w/ my Citi TYP, I wanted to know if Citi will permit the same from TYP to DC? 


Any tips are appreciated!

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