Barclay Retentions – Success!

Barclay Retentions – Success!Barclay Retentions – Success!
fausaMixail asked 4 years ago

I was trying to get my Sallie Mae APR reduced and spoke to a rep to get transferred over to retentions and the rep said he couldn’t do it (shocker) so I just hung up and called again and the rep to my surprise transferred me over and I got my APR down from 14.5% to 10.24% which is by far my lowest APR that I have right now. My goal is to get it around 8% (if possible). 


I spoke to the rep at the retentions department and he was super friendly and advised you can call in every 3 months to try to get a SP CLI or APR reduction (if it’s available). 


He said he worked at the previous department and advised that reps can only transfer over if there is an active offer on your account. I told him about how I was denied a transfer the first time and he said that could be because reps are trained to “dodge” transferring over to that department as it’s a small department. 


So his best tip was to call during the day (as they are closed at night) and to be persistent lol! Just thought this info could be useful to someone who’s trying to achieve the same.



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