Barclay Balance Transfer

Barclay Balance TransferBarclay Balance Transfer
ubattoc asked 4 years ago

Hi Everyone. I just received my new Extra Points card and I am trying to take advantage of the 0% balance transfer for 15 months. On 5/27, I requested 2 balances be transferred totaling about $ 2500. The Barclay card limit is $ 6300. So I have been monitoring all 3 accounts since the 27th. The balances on the transfer accounts are still the same and the Barclay card showed less available credit. Then all of a sudden, I check Barclay and my available credit is back to $ 6300. Thinking I was denied for the BT, I call in and the transfers are still in process. The same is shown online in my BT history. 


Is is this normal? Did the available credit reflect only a pending authorization that has basically “timed out”? I’m confused. I have since made a minimum payment on one of the accounts to cover myself. The other account’s due date is 6/17. 


Thank you in advance. I did a search first but I could not find my exact situation.

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