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AnitaFedorova asked 4 years ago

Hello!  Two cards:  1 has a 6k limit with $ 4,400 on it (a bal transfer) and another has a 12.5k limit with $ 4,500 on it (also a bal transfer).  I have an opportunity with the larger limit card to do a balance transfer for the full amount of the first card.  The first card has to be paid by July of 2016, but if I transfer it I have until Mar. 2017 to pay off the 8k (which I can do).  The question is:  Is it better to have a 0 balance on the 6k card but have a 72% usage on the other card (with 0 interest).  Sorry it’s confusing.  Also, I have 8 cards total and there is basically no balance on any of the other ones, so my credit is very good.  No other cards are ofering a 0 balance transfer so I can spread them out more.  Thanks in advance!

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