Attempt a delete for a lien before payment?

Attempt a delete for a lien before payment?Attempt a delete for a lien before payment?
richeventvladimir asked 4 years ago

Ok the MOTHER load of all problems on the report-unpaid liens.  I was on the phone ALL day yesterday with state tax And fed tax agents to get straight what needs to happen to have my liens paid/released and also set up a payment plan for the other amount owed (not reported).


So, here’s the thing.   The amounts owed on the liens listed is not the amount I have on the lien. 


Listed as 1100 and 900 (give or take)-


The lean amounts for these are like $ 1300 and $ 195.00  – can you dispute them based on incorrect amount?


Yesterday I was excited, but now I’m realizing that even paying that amount and all this work will be for nothing-other then show them paid- and still on ANOTHER 7 years!!!  From what it seems there is no easy/almost even possible way to remove a ‘valid’ GA state tax lien.- so after all that it won’t change my score at all!!!  This is REALLY dissapointing.


So, can you dispute a lien becuase the ‘amount’ is incorrect?  I plan to pay the state anyways, but I was wondering if perhaps it’s easier to get ‘withdrawn’ based on incorrect info and then set up payments w/the state, etc…



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