Another Tax Transcript Question

Another Tax Transcript Question
asked 2 years ago

Hello, our loan is registered and yesterday we got all our disclosures (one set from lender Mb Bank, and another set from our broker).


Of course there were some additional documents I had to fill out, including a request 4506-t.  I hanks to this forum, I knew what the form was.  Anyway, I’d previously supplied tax returns for 2013 and 2104, and was told only proof of filing for an extension on 2015 would be ok.


On the 4506-t form, the broker requested the return transcript for 13/14, account transcripts for those years, and W2/ 1099 transcripts.  I feel like this is overkill, and only the returns should be needed to verify into come, but ok……..I’m an ordinary W2 employee with full W2s available for all three years.


my my concern is that in 2013 my refund was offset for state tax liabilities owed for prior years.  I assume the transcript will show the offset and to whom it was paid?  If this offset will kill the loan, I’d like to know now so I can save my money for appraisal, etc.  Will UW care about refund offsets?  Or are they truly just concerned with verifying income?  Should I push back and only authorize release of the returns themselves?


Thanks in advance.

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