All this Barclays talk here made me call them today – good results!

All this Barclays talk here made me call them today – good results!All this Barclays talk here made me call them today – good results!
TeletraderuSax asked 3 years ago

All the recent threads on here regarding Barclays made me go ahead and call them as I had been meaning too for a couple months.  Very quick story, Barclays gave me my second card last January.  I had a Cap one card for 5+ years (and it has 3+ year old lates from back when I was not paying my own bills) but that was it.   I had to call recon but got approved for a massive 1k on the recon call for the Rewards card. 24.9 percent interest.


Called about 7 months later and got to the retentions department and got a 20.9 percent interest rate and a soft pull CLI of $ 500.


That gets me to today, I called again and got a nice rep and said I wanted to be sent to retentions to ask about a APR reduction.  He was happy to send me, very friendly guy.  I then get to retentions and she knew I was calling about an APR reduction, I said yes, just checking for any offers.  She then gave me a reduction to 17.9 percent interest and asked if I would like that.  My answer was “I’d be dumb not to!” Laguhed, and got the approval for that done and then she said I also see I can do a soft check on your credit if that is ok, I said sure and got another $ 700.  That’s it, done, easy to do.  According to me phone I spent a grand total of 7 minutes on the call from me dialing to hanging up.  Not bad!


Now, this is by far my lowest credit limit, I got a 1k CLI today from Cap 1 and I now have 7 cards with all but two over 5k limits.  Still, I cannot complain as I use the card very little, (netflix billed to it) but it gets a little use every month and is paid off every time.  They gave me a chance and got me started, now I have others I prefer but I will keep this card for now just becuse they gave me a shot. 


Funny enough they have given me a Wyndham rewards card with a 5k limit six months after I got the rewards card, but I can only get to 2200 on the rewards card? Yes they are odd, but still I have nothing to complain about so far anyway.

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