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I am a transfer student with a 3.35 GPA and have 45 college Credits. My major is International Business.

My Situation..

I got accepted to both Universities however, I did not get accepted to Carlson school of Management, which is Ideal for my major.

Keep this in mind.

UofM- $ 12,000 a yr
St. Thomas $ 30,000 a yr

If I attend the UofM i will be in the school of Continuing Education. It is a program in which you “Build your Major” I just dont know if employers will be looking for this. I would be aloud to take SOME classes from Carlson but wouldnt be graduating from Carlson. I would just take some classes all over.

If I attend St. Thomas I like the small classes and got accepted and can receive a solid degree in International Business. The thing is I dont want to have a huge load and be that much in debt!! I have 2 yrs remaining so thats $ 60k! Is that gonna be worth it!? For the solid degree… I like the campus and its small i can get better grades the U is too big.

I really need advice guys.. Is going to st thomas going to have a better affect in the future if im gonna spend all this money.?? Or should i just go to the U and do that program….

anything would help advice, theories ANYTHING!!


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    October 26, 2011 at 4:16 am

    If you want my honest opinion, I would try to transfer into a business major at the U of M. Carlson is a top ranked, while St. Thomas is not likely to look very good on your resume. Call your counselor and tell them your dilemma. Ask them if it would be possible to start taking business courses toward your major now, and to transfer into the business program as soon as possible. Take summer courses if you have to! If business is anything like science, the college you graduate from DOES matter when it comes to getting a job. Not to mention the fact that the U of M probably has a lot of alumni connections when it comes to business internships and stuff. And the debt may be a problem as well.

    I am a little biased, but I would choose the U of M if and only if you change your major to something in the Carlson College of Business. Ask someone who is involved in the business field on this though! Make sure that the “build your major” is going to be fine for a business career.

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