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Today, I have a very good job. After him come to me, I gave him and fill were a few things and one of those things was a form of credit check, this effect will they accept the job back when I’m really bad credit?

1 Thought on just a job very well, but they want a credit check and my credit is really bad?
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    dj b
    January 28, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    it does influence the decision to hire you yes. because some employers figure if your responsible with your bills that you will be a responsible employee. i got turned down a good job before and they don’t tell you the specific reason but i had a bad feeling it was my poor credit. you can always start repairing your credit now so in the future it doesn’t happen again. just go to and you can get a 90 day trial to start repairing it for like $ 25 but you need a debit card to start doing that and like you can dispute stuff on there too and if they don’t reply in 45 days about a dispute they legally have to take it off your report. if you can’t afford to do that just apply for a credit card and when you get turned down you can request a free credit report to see what’s on there and dispute what’s on there by letters.

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