Is a 790 a good credit score?

My future landlord ran a credit check on me and said it came back “with a score of 790 and a good history of payment” Is that good? I don’t know which kind of score that is…do you think its FICO?

I’m 22 and I only have one credit card. I always pay in full each month so that I don’t need to pay any interest.

3 thoughts on “Is a 790 a good credit score?

  1. Credit Trauma says:

    Yes, 790 is an EXCELLENT score! Great job!

    Good credit is considered from 750 to 850 which is max for FICO scores, so whatever you’re doing, keep up the great work!

  2. RetiredDebtFreeAt47 says:

    If that is your FICO that is excellent. I’ve never known anyone but my dad and I that have scores over 800 (not that I ask many), but I’m sure people do. 790 is the best you can hope for at your age. Protect it by staying out of debt and living smart!

  3. bill the businessman says:

    the credit bureaus and the bank gurus say that a credit score between 650 and 750 is very good, so yes your right on target….850 is excellent.

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