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my sweet female was playing in my yard with 2 little girls when a neighbor’s rottweiler came on the scene , i think she was protecting the 2 girls , but she jumped on the rottweiler which wasn’t hurt but animal control took my dog away and i need a 100 thousand dollar policy to get my dog back anybody know about insurance , or does homeowners cover that , a dog i mean , help i miss my girl shes so sweet and smart

1 Thought on i need a cheap insurance co. to cover my bulldog one hundred thousand dollar policy any body know one?
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    August 20, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    OK, homeowners isn’t going to cover a dog that’s bitten anyone, but yours apparently hasn’t.

    It’s highly possible that your homeowners will take care of this.

    You need to talk to your agent.

    But NO ONE is going to give you a policy to cover liability for a dog that has a history of biting people.

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