How long did it take you to close on your USDA Mortgage Loan?

I am getting a USDA mortgage loan…. it is taking FOREVER to close. Have any of you all been through the process? The underwriting is in its 6th week. I assume once the underwritting has been done, it will just be appriasal and setting us escrow because the attorney is pretty much ready to close once they receive the paperwork and I have insurance already set up. I do not understand why it is taking soo long!!! Survey is already done as well.
Is there any chance once it goes to USDA that it will not get approved?

7 thoughts on “How long did it take you to close on your USDA Mortgage Loan?

  1. Well i have gone through the appraisal and the credit and the underwriter now it has been forward to the usda process and in nc we are 7 days behind i am thing may be in two weeks i shoud be closing on my loan

  2. I am the seller of the home. I have sold it to one of my family members. They were pre-approved for the USDA loans several months before opting to purchase mine. I was given a closing date of Sept. 10, 2012. However, the apprasial wasn’t even done until September 12…then it all went to the sent back for the aprasiar to come back out and take pics a couple of weeks later…we were told if it didnt close by the 1st of October it would be another 3 weeks. We are not at the end of October and still nothing….What do I need to do? I am at my wits end with all of this…would it help if I contacted my lawyer to help speed things along… The home is in Tennessee and me and my family are in Utah…any help would be greatly appreciated…

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