vexar ac unit in mobile home blowing warm air PLZ PLZ HELP ME?

i have a vexar ac unit in my mobile home that is blowing warm air..its not HOT but its not cold either. i cleaned the unit outside and cleaned the unit inside. just bought the home in december and was told the unit didnt have filters on it because it didnt need it. i now know thats not true. does anyone know what this could be or what i could do. i have insurance on it but the company isnt open until monday. i cant live in this texas heat this way my thermostat says its 97 DEGREES IN HERE….PLZ HELP ME

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  1. Boomer, November 28, 2011 2:28 am - vexar ac unit in mobile home blowing warm air PLZ PLZ HELP ME?

    check all you breakers in you panel to see if any are thrown. other then that april theres not an easy fix i can tell you to do sorry

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