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Has anyone ever heard of titlion or sensual mystique as lingerie wholesale?
I am trying to get info for the wholesale program and their #’s are disconnected and the zip file they sent me won’t open anything.


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    August 12, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Some serious ebay types use on of the paid wholesalers verification services, they hae a on time membership fee that’s steep, but can be viewed as insurance against loss. WorldWideBrands is $ 300 and provides some useful free booklets on buying wholesale. SaleHoo costs $ 67. They both offer lists of about 8000 wholesalers.

    Here’s my checklist you should always go through when researching a new retail store site that might apply to your wholesalers as well:

    1) Enter the store name or domain in a search engine, scan the results for scam reports or complaints
    2) Use domain name lookup to get the owner location and site creation date. Too foreign or too young is bad.
    3) Check the site’s contact page, is there a phone# and address? and a company email address or just gmail.
    4) When checking out, be sure the page where your contact info and credit card# are entered hs an address starting with https for secure/encrypted, if not, it demonstrates a disregard for the safety of your info from 3rd parties around the world or the next door kid tapped into your wifi connection.

    The whois info shows that Titlion has been around for nearly 3 years, though the owner contact information is concealed by confidential registration.

    sensualmystique might be associated with Nevada bolt and hose, the address on google map search satellite shows a large warehouse/industry building. Their whois shows a 5 year old site with the owner in Chino, California

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