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    I have been using my credit for the past few year and have had some good and bad come out of credit, I learned the hard way about damaging my credit, but anyway I am in the process of trying to fix this mess that i am currently in, I have a Experian score of 527, Equifax of 568, and Transunion of 601 I want to at least get all three scores above 620 by the end of the year can anyone help please.. I included a list of things I currently have..


    CAR * $7606.00 payt $329.00

    CITI * *$1259.00 * *CL$1500.00 Pymt $30 (CLOSED)

    HSBC$ * * * 0.00 * *CL $300.00 * Pymt $15 (OPEN)

    Collection $136.00 Hospital Bill

    Collection $1067.00 Hospital Bill

    Collection $204.00 Car insurance*

    Collection$150.00 *Car *insurance


    These are all the accounts I have that still have balances I do have other accounts that I have paid off some are settled and others are completely paid in full but they are not listed, *im not sure if that matters to much… If it does please fill free to let me know.. I really need help I know there are a lot of smart people here so please help me out thanks… And another question if I apply for a new credit card will this help me out also in my situation.. Thank you*


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