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    My wife spends enough at Target that she decided it would be worthwhile to get the Target Red card for the 5% off. I have a few questions:


    1. The 5% off is taken off the purchase price at the register, not cashback, right?


    2. The application asks for “Your income” not “Household income.” She is a stay-at-home mom and I am the breadwinner, so could she legitimately use my income on the app?


    3. If she can’t, could I get approved and make her an AU? I don’t know if Target does AUs on the Red Card. There’s not an option on the app form.


    4. If I have to be the one to apply, how will having a Target card effect my credit history? Obviously the inquiry, new TL, and AAoA will be factors, but will other future CC lenders (read: AmEx) look at a department store card unfavorably? Right now I have a USAA MC and a Discover More.

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