What is next in my home buying process, my closing is in 2 weeks?

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    I am a first time home buyer and here are the steps what I have finished so far and my closing is in 2 weeks. Let me know if I am missing something or should take care of something before and during closing.

    1. got a pre-approval from some mortgage broker
    2. looked for a realtor
    3. looked at a home
    4. went into contract with a property i am buying
    5. negotiated a price
    6. agreed on price
    7. did a home inspection
    8. some things were not working but came out good
    9. my attorney(referred by my realtor) had send the seller the list
    of things to fix
    10. I started looking out for another home mortgage broker
    11. lender who had agreed and gave me a rate (GFE & TIL)
    12. Lender did home appraisal
    13. My financing went through yesterday
    14. will be going to the property next week and make sure they
    fixed what we asked for

    After this do I need to do something or be prepared for something for my closing ?

    Anything I should be asking my lender or seller before closing ?

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