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    I applied for chase freedom on november the 12th. Around the 26th I got a letter saying declined for too many recent accounts.


    I called the number on the letter and asked if they could manually review. The lady said all my accounts were too new and I was declined. Waited a day. Called back, got another lady that said if I closed my chase amazon she could open a chase freedom for me, I asked her again if there’s any other thing she could do. She told me it was bank policy that I had reached the limit and there’s no way I can be approved without closing the amazon. I said ok. She then told me I needed to use my rewards points on the amazon card. Told her OK call her back later.


    Got around to using the reward points last friday. Called this morning, talked to a lady and told her I wanted to close the amazon account to open a freedom. She said ok but first you need to pay the $3 balance on the amazon card and transferred me to cust svc. I paid the balance and called back. Got a dude this time and he looked over my app and asked me to confirm if I wanted to close the amazon card and open the freedom. I said “well, unless you have a way to keep the amazon account open and still approve my freedom(lol) then yes please close it”. He said let me put you on hold and see what I can do. Guy comes back and says congratulations you’re approved for $3500 on chase freedom.




    chase recons are a crapshoot, keep calling.


    My question is, how do they go from not giving me a card at all, to approving me for 3500 dollars. The 2nd lady told me the minimum credit limit on the freedom is $500. So that’s what I was expecting.

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