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    I am going to Melbourne for a couple of weeks and am wondering whether I can pay for most things using a credit card. In the U.S., I hardly need cash anymore because I can pay for 95% of my purchases with a credit card. But when I went to Europe a few months ago, it was much more difficult to use a credit card and some stores required a special code. Is Australia more like Europe or the U.S.? Are there any special restrictions or fees (to the consumer) of using a credit card?

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. Every response was helpful – unfortunately I can only choose one best answer

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    We are transitioning to a PIN number and not signature. You will find it hard using the CC for purchases under $10 as this is the min amount that many shops allow. Also there has been a recent change to the laws and shops are allowed to pass on the costs associated with CC to the consumer – so some shops charge (not at the store but it will appear on your statement) a 1-2% charge for using the CC in their store.

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    You can use it almost anywhere for purchases over $10. Also if you have a debit card that is marked Maestro or Cirrus you can use that pretty much anywhere as well to withdraw cash or make a purhcase. Master Card and Visa are accepted anywhere that takes credit. American Express is less widely accepted.

    As the previous answerer said, a small number of places now charge an extra couple of percent for credit transactions to cover their costs. They will advise you of this first.

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    Depending on your card you will probably have an unfavourable exchange rate and be charged a fee for foreign currency transactions.

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    Most shops in Australia still take cash, which is best for small purchases. Some smaller shops won’t take CC under $10 (as has been mentioned) due to the huge fees our banks charge the vendor. Also there are a few smaller shops that don’t accept any form of electronic transaction, usually small food shops in food courts.

    Visa and Mastercard (both credit and debit cards) are the most widely accepted, with American Express being less accepted and Diners Club pretty much not at all. With Visa and Mastercard you’ll usually be charged up to 2% on top of the purchase, 3 – 4% with Amex. Any other fees (such as currency conversion fees), I’d check with your bank.

    There are a few places that still require signature, but shops especially larger shops require you to use a PIN, similar to how you use an ATM. You can bring and use your ATM card as well, I’d check with your bank to determine which Australian ATMs are compatible with your card and what fees are associated it. I’d also check to see if your ATM card is compatible with our EFTPOS network, which means you can use your ATM for purchases at stores with EFTPOS.

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    credit cards are fine and accepted in most places in the cities. if you are visiting remote areas it is better to bring cash

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