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    So after reading a thread about a $1500 CLI every 6 months with US Bank I decided to call and get a CLI for myself.


    Turns out they no longer do any automatic CLI. *In fact, any CLI request results in a hard pull. *Initially I spoke to a CSR who said she wasn’t sure, so I called the backdoor number and spoke with an underwriter.


    Here’s the conversation with the underwriter.


    Me: Hi, I’m calling to request a CLI, but wanted to know if it was a hard or soft pull.

    Underwriter: *It would be a hard pull.

    Me: *I was told US Bank offers $1500 CLI every 6 months. *Is that still true?

    Underwriter: *No, we can no longer offer that due to the credit card act

    Me: *So any kind of CLI request results in a hard pull, no exceptions?

    Underwriter: *That is correct

    Me: *Alright, I won’t be needing that CLI after all. *Thanks.

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