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      I’m a little new to this but I could really use a lot of help, PLEASE. Ok my husband and I are trying to buy a home and go through FHA loan. 2 years ago with the eco downfall we got hit hard along with his credit. I’ve cleaned everything up, all ablanced on cc paid off, collections paid and most approved the delete. His biggest problem is he has a current score of 617 and it has to be 620. When we started he was origianlly a 560 and in 2 months it went to 617 and the bank told us to make an offer and close in 45days so we did. Well in 2 months now his score hasn’t changed. I’m so scared we’re going to loose this house. This month I raised the credit limit on one card like I was told and charged a small amount on another. We took out a secure credit card like the bank told us to do and it reported but didn’t change the score at all. They only go by transunion so I paid to monitor his score for the month and it told me his score was 728 ??? Um, I called and they said it’s not accurate and it could be different depending on the underwriter. That’s over 100 points off so I don’t get it. I need this score to go up 3points. Oh and an account that we closed months ago has finally repoerted closed so now I’m worried that will hurt us.I need all the advice or help I can get. Sorry this ins long, we’ve just been going through this for months now and I can’t take much more. Thanks!!!

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