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    This was only 10 days ago – but I settled on a BofA CC CO with a balance of $955 for $402. Earlier this week, I received a SW update saying that potentially negative information had been reported by BofA on the account. I was able to use a free CR site*(Experian CR)*to view the change on the account, and it looks like what happened is they updated the balance on the card to reflect what I had paid on it – so the new balance is*reporting as $553. When I spoke with the collector, the agreement was to settle on the account fort $402 and I was told that the balance would update to $0, also reflecting that collections would cease on the account.
    After pulling the CR, I called the number listed for BofA on the CR and spoke with a representative – apparently the card was through FIA Account Services. I asked her about the reporting, and she said that the information is correct as far as what’s listed, and it usually takes up to 90 days to reflect a $0 balance on the card if you settled through a 3rd party. I expected the balance to reflect $0, and the CR to reflect “Paid – Settled for less than the amount owed” or something like that.
    Should I believe anything I just heard? They were so quick to report a payment, thereby reporting a key derogatory by updating the balance – but they,*for some reason, couldn’t reflect the balance as $0 yet? Let me know if anyone has had any experience with anything like this.

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