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    I’m a lead generator for a debt management company and have been doing it for about 6 months. I have done quite well in the past but at the moment I’ve slowed down considerably compared to what I was doing the back end of last year, last year I was for 8 weeks or so consistently topping the board, any high flying debt management salespeople out there who can offer advice or tips to get back up there with the best of ’em?!!

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    First sit back and look at all the things that have changed since you were a top sales person. Which of them may have affected your performance. Set out a plan to overcome you barriers and then action it a day at a time until you get back to the top

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    I think its worse because ones future is so tied to their home ownership. Time will tell.

    When you are foreclosed on you lose your credit standing, your sense of pride. Its profoundly demoralizing.

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    It’s potentially just as bad. Bush’s brother Neil was bailed out last time with his banking fiasco.

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    Worse because this hurts our President Bush’s Ownership Society legacy!

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    not as bad.
    many of the people affected now are driving hummers and mercedes and whining because their 500,000 houses are going to cost them big bucks now since they didn’t pay attention to reality when they got the loans, trusted opportunistic loan officers instead of checking the facts themselves, and want the rest of us to give them $ $ when a healthy % already make more annually than i do, but i was smart enough not to purchase more of a house than i could afford, i checked my loan options myself and chose a slightly higher (at the time) fixed rate over a lower adjustable rate (that now would be rising to much higher than my fixed rate!), so what do us responsible citizens get???? worse than nothing, we get tapped to bail out the fools!!

    let them lose their houses. then those homes will be resold (probably at a loss, but at what they are really worth, not some inflated value)

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    yes it may be even worse.more people are losing their homes then ever before.the government should of stepped in sooner then they did.we’ll fund a war that we can;t win.and at the same time just let the very people whose taxes are being taken away everyday to fund this damn war in Iraq.they just let the people loose their homes.more and more money everyday is being channeled into this war.our own people are suffering and the government just lets it happen.ever wonder if the soldiers in Iraq if their parents are one of those being put out in the street.and then this government wants our youth to go fight in a war we can;t about taking care of the American people for once.this sub prime mortgage trouble could be taken care of if the government spent more time worrying about it;s people instead of the people in Iraq.this country is a real joke and the rest of the world is watching and laughing at us.

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    It’s worst because it involves much more money. The losses during the S&L crisis total under $ 100 billion. There is more than $ 1 trillion in investments at risk today.
    Oddly enough, it involves the exact same thing as the S&L crisis, misrepresented packaged mortgage securities.
    I guess we didn’t learn anything in the 80s.

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