Seller refused to have Walk-through before closing.

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    I requested a walk-through before the closing and I got the following response from the seller’s agent.* I thought walk-through is just a normal part of a sale — did I miss anyting (I should have included when the contract was made)?
    There is no provision in the Purchase and Sale Agreement for a walk-through.
    The only time a walk-through would be appropriate would be to re-inspect
    repairs requested by the buyer, and your buyers did not request repairs, but
    rather a substantial credit. Even in that case, the re-inspect walk-through
    would be with the inspector, and not the sellers. *The sellers are in the
    process of moving out and will not be available.

    The sellers will leave all keys (except the two I provide you at closing),
    garage door openers, and operating manuals for appliances, etc that they
    have in their possession at the home when they vacate. *I will leave two
    keys at my office for you for to pick-up after closing. *

    If your clients wish to do a walk-through, I would recommend they contact
    their inspector to meet with them after we close. *

    Happy New Year!

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