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    I have recently started to rebuild my credit and raise my credit score.
    I have actually raised my fico score from 591 to 657 over a two month period. However my score is now staying the same. I have disputed several accounts and had them removed and paid down some credit card balances. At this point my score is staying at 657.
    My question is: Should I continue paying on my 5 or 6 accounts that I currently have that are reported to the credit bureau to raise my score or should I take out more credit and begin to pay on them to continue to raise my score. I read various things on the internet and some people say dont get credit that you dont need and some do.
    I am trying to buy a house in the next 6 months and I want the highest score possible. So I dont know if I continue to pay my current debt will improve my score or should I take out a few small accounts and start paying on them to raise my score more.


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