Please help me understand my FICO score/credit report!?

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    Background info: I’m 23, financially independent- renting a house, currently paying student loans (and i will attend medical school next fall), and have a car that i am paying off. Today I obtained my free credit reports and FICO score- i’m at 744 (“Very Good”). I found, from my reports, that I had a number of credit cards- most never used- mostly from department stores. I called and canceled them immediately. Now the only thing current on my credit report should be the things mentioned above (and 2 other cards). Could it HURT my credit to have taken those established (some of them 3+ years old) off my report, even if they were never used? There is nothing “negative” reported on my reports- never been late on a payment etc. Thanks for your help!!
    Is the ‘credit limit to credit balance’ a summation of ALL your cards? If so, i’m worried that I DID do a bad thing. I hope this won’t bring me below 720 (usually the limit for decent interest rates on loans etc.)- any thoughts?

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