On Father's Day, should we remember all the men in prison for their inability to pay child supp

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    Sad but true:

    Interesting quote:

    “For example, in one case highlighted by the Boston Globe, a divorced father who worked in the real estate industry had been paying $ 6,000 a month in child support, plus additional expenses such as health insurance and tuition. When the real estate industry crashed, he fell behind and, with an application for a downward modification still pending, was handcuffed in court and jailed for 30 days.

    The Bergen Record recently detailed the case of Peter Triantafillou, a divorced dad who agreed to pay $ 5,000 a month in child support in 2006 while earning a good income as a trader. When the economic downturn hit, he was laid off twice and now earns only $ 60,000 — exactly the amount of his child support obligation. He says:

    “They had an arrest warrant on me. I had to go to jail for two days. I could understand if I was a deadbeat dad. Or I was on the run or something. But I’m here, picking up my kids after school. I’m involved. Just because I don’t have that much money to pay anymore doesn’t mean I should be chastised.”

    National Public Radio reported the case of a Cape Cod, Mass., father who lost his job in January but is still required to pay $ 3,466 a month in child support and 65 percent of college expenses for two of his children. According to NPR:

    “He petitioned the court to pay less child support but … had to wait two and a half months for a hearing. Then the judge denied his request to temporarily lower his child support payments and scheduled a trial for July … typically, it takes six months from the time a noncustodial parent petitions the court to pay less because of a job loss to when the court makes a decision.””
    “I’d rather think of all the children suffering because their father are to selfish to pay child support.”

    Sox, The question was not about men who can pay but don’t. The question was about the men who are jailed because they cannot pay. Please try to pay attention. Thanks.
    “I read the question. Then I told you what I’d rather do. Please pay more attention to my answers, thanks.”

    Sox, I’d rather think about pretty much anything other than your non-answer.
    Sox and MBlue, I think your answers speak for themselves. You have no problem with putting inocent men in jail, or do not consider it a issue worthy of attention. Thanks for clarifying your position.
    *an issue*
    Some great answers here. Thanks! BratRich, that was quite eloquent.
    MBlue, If your original answer demostrated any empathy for fathers imprisoned for their inability to pay child support, I missed it. It seemed to me that you were too busy distracting from the issue by attacking men who can pay but won’t and men who are in prison for other reasons.

    Maybe I should have read very closely between the lines . . .
    “oh, and all of what I say applies to women too.”

    MBlue, How convenient is this afterthought? It almost makes it sound like you are being fair-minded.


    As we all know, the draconian child support system was designed primarily by feminsts who don’t like men and who are well aware that men will be disproportionately impacted because women alost always get custody.
    *almost always*

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