My debit credit card daily limit is $300 but I need to order something online for…

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      …$365…? Actually, it’s my mom’s card (she has some money that is mine in her account currently, long story) and her bank only lets her spend $300 a day so $365 on one purchase probably won’t go through, but I need to do this, it’s important. Is it impossible? Are their different rules with online spending?
      I thought about just getting the money, buying a limit-less prepaid card but I don’t know if I’ll be able to (I have a time limit to do this in tomorrow)
      Suggestions/input welcome, I know there’s not designated question but I just need help figuring this out. It’s not a like a store where I could give $65 cash and $300 on the card….
      debit card*
      I typed ‘credit card’ at first and meant to erase it to correct it as a ‘debit’ but I guess I forgot, lol
      Yes, I’m sure. This happened before, we were at Best Buy replacing a computer ($600) and couldn’t do it This. Sucks…..

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      That’s got to be a daily cash withdrawal limit, not a spending limit. My bank limits me to $400. But I can buy an airline ticket online or a major purchase at a store that is well over the $400 limit. It’s not uncommon to spend over $300 at a grocery store or for a car repair. Check with the bank. I’m almost sure you misunderstood the info you received.

      If what you are saying is true, then you may have to get a temporary approval to spend more. If my bank starts doing that to me, I’m switching banks. If they are doing that to you, they are trying to limit their losses through credit card fraud. They want to protect themselves – they couldn’t care less about protecting you.

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      no such thing as a “limitless prepaid card” – you are limited by how much CASH you put on the card

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