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      Here is my report..the good, the bad, *the ugly…

      I am trying to bring my score up to purchase a home next year (between June and December) I also willbe needing to purchase a car, as mine has died and I am currently borrowing a friends. Any advice on what to do, at the very least to be able to obtain a car loan within the next month.

      The Bad:*



      Where: Your Lovely Wisconsin Court System

      Who: Bad Day Care *- Dirty Gross, my son did not want to go I took him out and she filed a small claims suit, I know I should have just paid and walked away before court, but was in a bad financial situation at the time.*

      Amount: Credit Report is showing: $332.00, I think it is $425.00 at the court house for court costs etc.

      Status: Unpaid

      Estimated Date of Fall off: 09/2015

      Reporting on TU and EXP only

      I would really like to know how to correctly resolve this and be able to have it removed. This is probably hurting my score the most. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.



      CA: Credit Management LP

      OC: Charter Communications

      Amount: $810.00

      Date Opened: 12/09

      Estimated Date of Fall Off: 03/2015


      Reproting on; EQ, TU, EXP

      I mailed a DV to this company on 9/01/2011. I have not recieved a response. I am sure this is my debt, it is an old cable bill that an ex ran up. I think I still have the equipment. Should I return the equipment to Charter and try to resolve this with them? Again, any advice is appreciated and Charter is not reporting on my credit report.



      OC: First Premier

      Amount: $402.00

      Date Opened: 08/2008

      Estimated Date Of Fall Off: 09/2015

      Reporting on: EXP, EQ, TU

      I mailed a PFD to them on 08/18/2011. They responded with your account is being handled by Genesis Financial, who is NOT reporting on my credit report. I mailed a DV CMRR on 09/01/2011 to Genesis and a DV CMRR *to First Premier on 09/01/11. Waiting for repsonse from either.



      OC: Home Choice

      Amount: $0.00

      Reporting As: Voluntary Repossesion

      Reporting on: TU

      I leased a washing machine from them and returned it as I moved into an apartment with no washing machine hook up. They are reporting a a derogatory. I mailed them a GW on 09/01/2011 asking for removal of the account in hopes to do business with them (not that I want to). Have not had a responce back yet.


      CA: H&F Law

      OC: TCF BANK

      Amount: $256.00

      Reporting As: Collection Account

      Balance: $256.00

      Reporting on: TU

      I mailed them a DV on 08/18/2011. Still have received no repsonse from them. This is from a joint account – hindsight is 20/20 – when you are leaving someone, go to the bank and have your name removed from the account




      Amount: $710.00

      Estiamted Date of Fall Off: 02/2014

      Reproting On: TU

      Don’t know what to do here. This was a roomates share of the bill that she has left unpaid, account was in my name.*



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